Kobe beef “Takumi”

  • 神戸ビーフステーキ
  • 神戸ビーフステーキ
  • 神戸ビーフステーキ
  • Kobe beef
  • 神戸ビーフ・マスタードのせ

Sanchiku Ichiba "Takumi"
Kobe beef restaurant

An amazing collaboration between the best cooking skills and the world’s best Kobe beef.

Hyogo prefecture with Kobe as its center is a treasure trove consisting of a variety of food ingredients. We have the freshest meat, fish, and vegetables, including world-famous Kobe beef, Japanese greatest sea bream called Akashi-dai. Kobe is blessed with a favorable location where these top-quality foods are delivered immediately to our kitchens. Even famous chefs in Tokyo and Kyoto envy our luck.

Enjoy our signature dishes, watching our masterfully skilled chefs cooking!